serial connection Liyu cutter

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serial connection Liyu cutter

Postby customator » 31 May 2013, 05:07

I have owned a Liyu cutter for aprox 6 years and have used it with Flexi starter 7.6.v2. However, i recently upgraded my operating system to Windows 7 and my system no longer recognizes the hardware dongle. Contacting the place I purchased my cutter from, I am now told that I would need to purchase the newer software as well as a new cable because my cutter is serial connection only...NO USB connection. long story short, combined price I'm looking at almost $300 canadian which sounds rediculous to me, so i've been on the search for other options. seeing as how i ONLY used flexi for my cutting rip but did ALL my design work in coreldraw I figured I may want to try the corel driver i'm reading about on the internet...which is ultimately what brought me to your site.
First off, is this driver/addon free? secondly how do I know if it will work with my cutter? i have no clue how to tell which model i have but looks like the pictures of the SC model so I downloaded drivers for that and watched the install instructions in this forum but since again, my cutter does not have a USB connection it is not recognized as plug n play I guess so i have no clue what to do or how to get my cutter back up and running. This is used for a business and is my primary workhorse for the business and have been VERY happy with it until now...just can't see spending that much money to buy software that I will NEVER use the features of since I will continue to use corel to design. Any help or advice would be appreciated..thanks
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