sc631e "port error" message

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sc631e "port error" message

Postby Thewilki » 04 Apr 2013, 08:38

Ok - im banging my head of the wall. New to this cutter and had it working ok on windows 7. I then tried to install the drivers for corel and thats when I started having problems. To try and fix it I uninstalled all the software and drivers for corel (I think) and flexistarter8. I reinstalled flexistarter 8 but did not reinstall the corel drivers. When I go to cut now I get the following messages in print manager and on the cutter;

1) The job goes onto "holding" (this message is in print manager)
2) The cutter has an error message which reads (port error) but cuts around a third to 2 thirds of the job then stops.

I am not going to uninstall the software again as I think I am not doing something right - or I am failing to do something simple. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!


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