Liyu TC1261 problem with cutting

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Liyu TC1261 problem with cutting

Postby rend » 10 Mar 2013, 14:26

I have Liyu cutter TC 1261, is a great cutter. Cuts beautiful contours, but:

1. First problem, Signcut could not send file larger than 200kB to cutters. At the same time on the display the cutter discovery "is now cutting". Cutter stands and after about 30 seconds carving Chinese logo.

It helped me turn spooler :) This is maybe resolved.

2. Second problem continues. Cutter cuts, but after about 1 minute long cutting on the any point before continuing. Cutter anything yet finished. In the end, it again repeats indefinitely. Display at the moment reacts normally, like a cutter does not cut.

Please help with a problem. I really like its functionality and work.

W7Pro 64bit, Signcut 1.95
cutter conected to usb
I use eps, ai format.

And I have 2 questions.
1) How do I set the COM communication?
I use 19200 baud and control hardware (RTS, CTS).

2) How big picture can hold cutter and cut out?
How big picture can send to the cutter Signcut?

Thank you very much.
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