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Large artwork

PostPosted: 17 Jul 2013, 20:20
by thatblokedan
My set up is a CREATION CT-H630 connected to my iMac running OSX 10.8 with Signcut Pro

I am experiencing an issue when resizing artwork within Signcut Pro. I have some text that has been converted to outlines in illustrator CS5, I then export to SCP with the plugin and it opens ok. For the artwork to be cut the right size I then need to scale it up 2000% within SCP.

The finished size should be 1600mm long. When Scaling to this size the preview and the cut item contains many incorrect cuts. But when scaling to 1000% there are less in the preview and the cut. The only time these unwanted cuts do not appear on the text is when it is scaled to 500%.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? If so, did you find a fix?