Liyu SC & TC Cutters Installation (Mac)

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Liyu SC & TC Cutters Installation (Mac)

Postby SiteAdmin » 09 Sep 2010, 20:22

UPDATE: For Liyu SC631/SC631E and Creation PCUT CTO630 bought after 22 Sept 2011, do not require any Mac adapters. All you need is the FTDI drivers which are available below ;

For Mac support you will need SignCut Pro

You will connect to your plotter with serial cable and the Usb to serial adaptor
Warning: Never plug the serial adapter directly to the machine serial port as it can permanently damage your machine mother board!!!

1. If you use a prolific usb to serial adaptor for your Mac, use the link below:
Download Prolific Driver for your Mac OSX Version
Install the driver for your Mac here without using an adapter, for plotters bought after 22 Sept 2011 excluding the TC631/TC631E:
Download FTDI drivers here, for plotters bought after 22 Sept 2011

2. Install SignCut Pro

3. In SignCut Pro press Cutter button on the top and use the following settings
SignCutMac.jpg (371.69 KiB) Viewed 36911 times

For TC series machine also set as SC631 but with baud rate of 38400

Tips: From time to time you may need to click on cutter to refreash the connection to the machine
SignCut Tutorials
Any problems please contact

Note: For mac support we can only support if you buy one of our Usb-Serial Adapter because not all the adapter are the same even with the same chip set as many customer found out the bad way after many hours of frustrations.
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